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    Roleplay Rules!

    The Other
    The Other
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    default Roleplay Rules!

    Post  The Other on Sat Apr 30, 2011 12:31 pm

    1.)stay on third person or first person meaning if the owner of the topic say third person it means you tell ur characters story/roleplay if its first person your the character.

    2.)Stay on topic! dont start talking out of story line use occ or ooc if im wrong when asking a question or suggestion.

    3.)Be patient! if no one reply's just wait.

    4.}No swearing! gose for all of forum.

    5.)Make your character! go to your profile page and look for character profile and fill it all out! it will show up on our profile (as when you post)

    Staff members may add to this or PM a rule i should put in. This may be locked in further notice.

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    Roleplay Rules! S0qKI
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    default Re: Roleplay Rules!

    Post  Exx on Tue Jun 28, 2011 11:55 pm


    1. No power playing, that means you can't automatically kill or attack some character. You have to give the player a chance to dodge it.

    2. If you have a sign up thread, you can't deny someone from joining. If there is a problem in their sign up, you can explain it to them so they fix it.

    3. Try to use proper grammar and punctuation. It makes your roleplaying much nicer.

    For the ooc rule it goes like this. The following is an example.

    ooc: Did you see that foot ball game last night

    The warrior picked up his blade and ran back into battle.

    Roleplay Rules! 2ujl8bt

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